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What is U.S. White Supremacy? What is U.S. White Privilege? Legacies of Liberation Anti-Racist Agenda: Current Page Anti-Racist Organizing Creating an Anti-Racist Agenda


A Sampling of a Few Wonderful Books by or About White Anti-Racist Activists and Organizers.

Joe Barndt, 'Preaching to the Choir'

Anne Braden, 'An Unfinished Revolution'

Mickey Ellinger, 'Any Number Can Sing'

Che Guevara, 'At the Risk of Seeming Ridiculous...'

Ted Glick, 'The Responsibilities of Anti-Racist Whites'

Horace Seldon, 'Some Characteristics of Anti-Racism'

I. Act On Your Principles

Some Tools for Reflection and Accountability

Creating an Anti-Racist Agenda Graphic

'Some Aspects of this Principle'

Margo Adair, 'To Equalize the Power Among Us'

Chris Crass, 'Forging a Movement on Shifting Ground'

Alexa Hauser, 'Making it Concrete for White People' (adapted from 'Tools for White Guys' by Chris Crass

Alexa Hauser, 'Toward Anti-Racist Action'

Suzanne Pharr, 'A Moral Imperative'

Horace Seldon, 'Open Letter to White Males'

Some Tools for Challenging Individual White Privilege Behavior

Jan Adams, 'Moving from Unease to Action'

Kusum Crimmel, 'Being an Ally' (adapted from the Todos Institute)

Suzanne Davies, 'Respectful Dialogue'

Jennifer Holladay, 'Roles We Can Play'

Some Tools for Challenging Group White Privilege Behavior

CWS, 'Practice and Model Respectful Behavior'

Chris Dixon, 'Ten Things to Remember: Anti-Racist Strategies for White Student Radicals'

European Dissent, 'Accountability Statement'

SPARC, 'Accountability Statement'

Immigrant Rights Action Pledge, 'I Pledge to Resist Attacks on Immigrants'

II. Creating an Anti-Racist Culture of Resistance


'Some Aspects of this Principle'

Tema Okun, 'White Supremacy Culture'

Sharon Martinas, 'The Culture of White Supremacy'

Andy Smith, 'For All Those Who Were Indian in a Former Life'

Think Again, 'White Blight'

Recreating the True U.S. Herstory

Mickey Ellinger, 'Reparation'

Sharon Martinas, 'White Supremacist by the Bay'

Elizabeth (Betita) Martinez, 'Reinventing America'

Horace Seldon, 'Notes from a Mis-educated White Man'

Sabina virgo, 'Labor's May Day'

Family Herstories (How European Immigrants Became White People)

'Family Herstories Graphic'

James Baldwin, 'On Being White and Other Lies'

CWS, 'Family Herstories'workshop

Mickey Ellinger, 'Melting Pot'

Jewish Study Group, San Francisco, CA, 'Let My People Go! Seder in the Streets'

Sharon Martinas, 'My Family History'

Roxanne Dunbar Ortiz, 'Patrimony'

Juliet Ucelli, 'Italian-Americans: Say basta to Columbus'

White Identity

Patti DeRosa, 'Building Blocks: My Journey toward White Racial Awareness'

Amy Edgington, 'Growing Up with Racism: A Personal Odyssey'

Amy Edgington, 'Moving Beyond White Guilt'

Tema Okun'From White Racist to White Anti-Racist: the Life-long Journey'

Sharing Stories (of anti-racist activists)

CWS, 'Telling Our Stories'

CWS, 'Researching the Stories of White Anti-Racists'

Chris Crass, 'Towards Anti-Racist Politics and Practice: a racial autobiography'

Jan Gardener, 'They Died For Freedom'

Roxanne Dunbar ortiz, 'Red Diaper Baby?'

Robin Templeton, 'Return'

Sue Thrasher, 'Degrees of Change'

Naomi White, Darrel Myers, and JoJo White, 'What Killed JoJo?' and 'Peace'

Challenging White Social Justice Culture

CWS, 'Creating Anti-Racist Language'

CWS, 'Practice and Model Respectful Behavior'

Patti DeRosa, 'Social Change or Status Quo: Approaches to Diversity Training'

Joanie Mayer, 'Barriers to Organization between Anti-Racist White People'

III. Stand In Solidarity

'Cover Sheet'

'Some Aspects of this Principle'

Breaking the Silence on State Violence

'Packet of Articles':
  'Violence is as American as apple pie.'
  'A Night in the City.'
  'No More Genocide in my Name.'

Some Legacies

'Poster of Chicano Solidarity with Vietnam'

Mickey Ellinger, 'Back Where I Come From: How a Basically Nice White girl from Texas Became and Anti-Racist Activist'

Some Perspectives

Jan Adams and Rebecca Gordon, 'What Kind of Solidarity Movement Do We Want?'

CWS, 'What is Solidarity?' and 'Solidarity Without Borders'

Linda Evans, 'Alliance Building: two essays'

Alicia Grogan-Brown, 'Linking Our Struggles: Strengthening Solidarity Work with Roots in Anti-Racism'

Amanda Klonsky and Daraka Larimore-Hall, 'ain't gonna let segregation turn us round: thoughts on building an inter-racial and anti-racist student movement'

Sharon Martinas, 'Fighting White Supremacy in Progressive Movements'

Laura Whitehorn, 'Inside Looking Out'

Some Examples
  Solidarity with the L.A. Uprising:
    a. flyer
    b. Justice in American...Not
    c. Prairie Fire Organizing Committee, 'The Fire This Time'

  Solidarity with Political Prisoners:
    a. 'With the Power of Justice in Our Eyes'
    b. 'Solidarity Statement'
    c. 'Resistant Spirit: A Tribute to Marilyn Buck'
    d. 'Notes from the unrepenitentiary'
    e. 'Message to Critical Resistance'

  Solidarity with Immigrants:
    a. Packet of Flyers
    b. 'Times are Rough — Don't Scapegoat Immigrants!'

  Language is a Human Right:
    a. packet of articles and flyers

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