CWS Challenging White Supremacy Workshop
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Anti-Racism for Global Justice

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Becoming an Anti-Racist Activist

Becoming an Anti-Racist Organizer
An Introduction to Grassroots Anti-Racist Organizing
Challenging White Supremacy Workshops


To contribute
toward building multi-racial revolutionary movements, led by activists of color, that can bring justice and peace to this country
To strengthen
the capacities of white social justice activists to work for racial justice and challenge white privilege in all their social justice work.
To enable
all workshop participants to become more effective grassroots anti-racist activists and organizers, through a collective learning process.

CWS Workshop Guidelines

  1. Speak from your heart and your experience. Use "I" statements.
  2. We're not here to judge each other, put each other down, or compete.
  3. Listen to the wisdom everyone brings to the group.
  4. Give each person the time and space to speak
  5. Practice "active listening".
  6. Respect the person.
  7. Challenge the behavior
  8. Create anti-racist language and group dynamics.
  9. Please come on time!
  10. Please do the 'homework.'
  11. Call if you can't come to a session
  12. Share workshop expenses. Donations are gratefully taken.

Creating Anti-Racist Language

  • "When you said or did... or when... happened"
  • "I felt/I thought"
  • "Because I think/feel I have experienced..."
  • "And I'd suggest that... What do you think about it?"

Creating Anti-Racist Group Dynamics

  • Raise your hand to speak
  • Prioritize voices of people of color in the group
  • Prioritize voices of quiet white folks in the group
  • Practice active listening and challenge respectfully
CWS Workshop 2440 - 16th. St. PMB #275 San Francisco, CA 94103 415-647-0921