CWS Challenging White Supremacy Workshop
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Anti-Racism for Global Justice

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Becoming an Anti-Racist Activist

Becoming an Anti-Racist Organizer
An Introduction to Grassroots Anti-Racist Organizing
Becoming an Anti-Racist Activist

Legacies of Resistance: Indigenous Liberation Week 4


  1. To give white workshop participants a chance to discuss and reflect on main points of presentation, raise questions and differing views.
  2. To introduce the concept of solidarity and how it differes from other kinds of anti-racist work.
  3. To discuss solidarity with Leonard Peltier.
  • Presentation by distinguished activist from Native movement
  • Discussion
  • "What Do We Mean by Solidarity?" The Case of Leonard Peltier
  • Discussion
  • From Brainstorm to Action
  • Evaluation: Constructive Criticism is an Act of Love
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