CWS Challenging White Supremacy Workshop
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Anti-Racism for Global Justice

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Becoming an Anti-Racist Activist

Becoming an Anti-Racist Organizer
An Introduction to Grassroots Anti-Racist Organizing
Becoming an Anti-Racist Activist

Legacies of Resistance: Legacies of Chicano/Latino Resistance Week 11


  1. To give white workshop participants a chance to discuss and reflect on main points of presentation, raise questions and differing views.
  2. To deepen our understanding of what it means to stand in solidarity with Chicano/Latino liberation struggles.
  • Presentation by distinguished activist from Chicano/Latino movement
  • Spirit Nourishing from Chicano/Latino culture of resistance
  • Discussion on presentation
  • Discussion: "Solidarity is not the same as acting as an ally"
  • Announcements
  • Evaluation: Constructive Criticism is an Act of Love
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